Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Salvage, Sell, Reuse

Today I did a simple search on google for "salvaging building materials" .

The first link that popped up on the list was for "Second Use" a "community business" that has been reclaiming building materials since 1994 and is based out of Seattle, Washington.

Their mission includes:
  • Divert reusable building materials from the landfill
  • Preserve components of our architectural heritage
  • Provide affordable building materials to the public
  • Offer living wage jobs to our staff
Their website offers a great explanation of the benefits of salvaging materials such as:
"Six trains, each over a mile long, leave Seattle every week bound for distant landfills. At least a quarter of this waste is a result of building construction and demolition."

Also, there are some great before and after deconstruction pictures along with stories from their customers. Here a great example of a home deconstruction that Second Use performed with Grayhawk Construction in order to provide maintenance access to a nearby salmon creek.

For those customers for do not wish to keep the deconstruction materials, Second Use also has a retail store in which they publicly sell items. Their inventory currently ranges from appliances to windows, including plumbing, flooring, hardware, doors, lumber and masonry.

These items are staying out of the landfills and are now available to those doing renovations at a lower cost!!

Second Use also features on their website links to many other building materials exchanges and recycling opportunities, and salvage yards.

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