Sunday, February 22, 2009

Which of my building materials are recyclable?

Simple Answer - almost All of them

Through the deconstruction process, all materials can be reused or at least repurposed - keeping them away from the landfill. From lumber to pipes to appliances, tiles, plumbing and flooring, it can all be used again.

If you don't want to reuse it for its original purpose, you can repurpose it into something new. Such as: pieces of plywood into a toybox or birdhouse; Kitchen cabinets into a coffee table, or toybox/storage box; turn a drawer into a unique planter.... The possibilities left only to your imagination. Handles can be reused on other household projects or as decoration.

Many organizations, like Habitat for Humanity for example, will take unwanted, good condition for second use items off your hands as well. Habitat sells some of these items in their retail stores as funding; but also uses the items locally to build low-income affordable housing.

As for those materials foolishly thrown away, many waste management companies employ demolition recyclers, etc. to sift the real trash from the reusable. This saves space in the landfill which will slow the growing number of landfills.

So, be careful what you throw out...One person's trash really is another one's treasure.

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